Flac player on iOS

If you are an avid music enthusiast who appreciates high-quality audio, having a FLAC player for iOS becomes an essential tool to enhance the listening experience. Or course you can just upload the Flac file to iCloud and open Files and click on the file and it start playing. But the experience is horrible. So what alternative are there out there? Let’s find an app that looks good and are easy to use.

Requirement for a Flac player

  • Play Flac format 🙂 (ability to decode and play FLAC files seamlessly)
  • A fast and nice GUI with some functions
  • Cloud reachabillity
  • ID3 editor
  • Free or one-time purchase

One of the key features of a FLAC player for iOS is its ability to decode and play FLAC files seamlessly, ensuring that users can experience the full richness and detail of their high-fidelity audio tracks.

Additionally, a good FLAC player for iOS must have an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate through music libraries, create playlists, and customize the listening experience.

As iOS devices have limited storage capacity, a FLAC player for iOS may also integrate with cloud storage services, enabling to stream or fetch the FLAC files without taking up too much space on their devices.

ID3 is a metadata format used to store information about a music file, typically in audio files like MP3. The purpose of ID3 tags is to embed descriptive information about the audio file within the file itself. This metadata can include details such as the title of the track, the artist, album, genre, track number, and release year, among other things. So this must work within the player.

So found three that looks promising that said they would have the requirements.

  • Flacbox
  • Evermusic
  • Doppler


First experience when trying the app

Browsing through the app and find “Connect a cloud service”. Really good selections of cloud services that app can connect to. Try iCloud Drive and select the folder with Flac music. Directly there is the possibility to stream the music from iCloud, that is really good.

Going back to Music Library within the app and see if there is any music. Nothing there… OK but there is an Add music at the bottom on the app in the Music Library. Click it and then choose the cloud service and select the music in iCloud. Choosing all the albums. Loading… Ok the Music Library is starting to get populated. Nice! 🙂

Checking settings within the app and see that there are some settings we can change about the Online/Offline/Metadata synchronizations. Synchronization is running and that is good.

Going back to Music Library and see that some of the albums has the wrong metadata, how to change that? Hold an individual track there is “Edit audio tags”. So can edit the individual tracks but how do to change a whole album? Can change the album cover so maybe that is all?

Going back to Metadata synchronizations and it is done. That was pretty fast!

Adding some more folders to the cloud service and the going back to Music Library and add that new folder. This is a bit complicated. Loading… Metadata synchronizations has started again. Saw here that it didn’t go through all files, 243 out of 271, also there are som albums missing in Music Library. Tried to start it manually but it just stopped directly and after a few hours it found some more albums but still not all.

Trying to create a playlist, not an problem, as easy as it should be.

Offline listening, again within the Media Library there are only the option to download individual tracks, not an whole album. Under Connection there is the ability to choose the folder within iCloud and “Enable offline Mode”. Is that it? Where do I find the downloaded files? Flight Mode enabled on the phone and none of the files in Music Library could be played like it should be since they are being streamed from iCloud. Under Local Files the files can be played. Disabled Flight Mode and tried to play a song from Music Library, worked again, good. Check under Local Files again and try to play a song there, no problem.

The look of the app when added some albums after you click into Music Library / Albums

Sum it up for Flacbox:

Play Flac: Yes with possibility to chose codec
Fast nice GUI: looks a little outdated but the GUI is rapid but slow metadata synchronizations
Cloud reachability: Yes with the possibility to stream
ID3 Editor: Yes
Free or On-Time purchase: Yes

Complicated way to add music, meta data is not always synchronized. Can’t edit entire albums. Offline listening is on another tab. The app is not that good looking even though there are some Personalization that can be made. The best feature is that you can stream the music from your cloud service.


Started to try this app but saw that it the same app more or less as Flacbox… The company that made Flacbox is the same that made this app. The difference of the apps can be read here: What is the difference between evermusic and flacbox


First experience when trying the app

7 days trial of the app, that is nice. The we can really try the app, do not understand why everyone isn’t doing this. The app looks really nice at first start, much better than the screenshots in App Store.

Cloud reachabillity is there first thing to check. OK, there is only the possibility to Import files to the app meaning that it will take up storage on the phone. When Importing from Cloud Services there is no scan option, need to go in through all the folders and mark a file and then click Select all files. But that will only select the file for that album. So this is need to be done for all the albums that is going to be imported. A little annoying that there is no option to scan a folder and its subfolder for music. Not that good.

Album Imported and the cover is missing, Edit Album info… and it can be added and it was self-explanatory. This feature is good.

So now under Library section we see the album under Recently added and under Albums and Artists.

Try to create a Playlist! Press the + sign and name it something. Here again we need to click each individual + sign to add an album to the playlist. But there is a better way to add whole album, just go in to the album and click the three dots and choose Add to Playlist… This is good!

The look of the app when added some albums

Sum it up for Doppler:

Play Flac: Yes
Fast nice GUI: Yes
Cloud reachability: Yes
ID3 Editor: Yes
Free or On-Time purchase: Yes and cheaper than Flacbox/Evermusic

No why to stream the music, a little annoying to add new music since there is no option to scan folders. The app is responsive and fast and really easy and nice to use.

Overall winner: Doppler


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